"Ball-Punktur" Massage Ball

  • This massage ball comes in one colour: bright orange, and is the
    size of a softball. It is made from a combination of rubber and
    plastic giving it a harder surface. The surface of the it ball is bumpy
    to help reach and break up the tension areas in the muscle up
    when you apply pressure or body when weight against the ball.

  • The massage ball has a new packaging look that explains the
    product as soon as a potential consumer views it. It has an open
    circular window for touch and a UPC number for easy tracking.
    French and English.
"Ball-Stik" Total Body Relaxation Ball

  • The ideal product for the home, Relaxation or Pilates Class. A great
    way to stretch and relax the larger muscles of the body, while
    developing stronger core muscles of the trunk.  The ball is the size
    of a volleyball.  It comes with an instruction sheet. The ball is
    packaged in a clear plastic carry bag.
Profcare 2-1 Teeter Balance Board

The Teeterboard is "Number 1" for prevention of injury and rehabilitation of ankles
and knees.

The Teeterboard is highly effective in:
  • Regaining joint mobility
  • Strengthening your muscles
  • Improving co-ordination
  • Improving balance and consequently reducing the risk of injury
  • Developing core strength (by strengthening the core, you help reduce injuries
    to the extremities)

When injured, co-ordination is reduced - co-operation between the nerves, muscles
and joints is not at its best. With the Teeterboard this co-ordination can be regained if
co-ordination training and ordinary training begin simultaneously.  After the injury, you
should use the  Teeterboard 5-10 minutes a day.

Also used in sports training to help increase balance during competition.

The board has a rubber surface for non-skid, plus two interchangeable  half balls -
the bigger one for beginning and the smaller one can be used as you get more
balanced. It comes with an instruction sheet and is packaged in a clear plastic carry
The Select "Ball Bag"

  • The Select "Ball Bag" is a quality durable bag that can carry 10-12
    balls the size of volleyballs. It has a shoulder strap that makes
    carrying the bag a breeze..
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