Wellness Management

Fitness/Wellness Consultant
Personal Coach will meet to discuss wellness goals of
organizations to implement Wellness strategies within the

Wellness Program Plan
A variety of wellness strategies can be developed and
implemented, depending on the needs of the organizations
short and long-term plans.  These can range from seasonal
wellness initiatives to on-site wellness centres.

Wellness Management
Personal Coach can manage the on-going day-to-day
operations of the on-site Wellness facilities. The services
include, wellness programs, budget control, statistics, event
planning, coordination with other departments and an annual

A professionally managed facility will increase membership
rates, result in a greater return on investment and minimize
liability exposure. Ongoing professional management ensures
safe and effective programs and a headache-free operation.

Professionally managed programs can expect to see
participation rates of 60% over time as compared to 10% for an
unsupervised facility. Regular member follow-up and ongoing
programming and marketing campaigns results in higher
retention.  Professional staff provide participants with an initial
screening, a personalized program, equipment orientation and
follow-up on participation.

Stretch Break Programs - Virtual
5-10 minute stretch break is all you need to get energized.  
Great for meetings and conferences.

Personal Training
Specific wellness programs and attention designed for
individuals.  In certain situations rehab programs can be
designed specifically for work related injuries like repetitive
strain injuries,  strength for specific areas of the body and
energy to increase quality of life.

Special Events Planning
A variety of wellness initiatives to motivate and energize
the membership.
A Healthy Return on Investment
Canada Life Assurance Company was one of the first
Canadian companies to conduct research on the
bottom-line benefits of workplace fitness programs. A
federally-funded research study in 1978 found that
regular participants had reduced absenteeism,
increased productivity, improved morale and
retention. A 10-year follow-up study calculated a
return of $6.85 for every dollar invested.

(Canada Life 10, Corporate Fitness Ten Years After)

Personal Coach

Host a Fitness Session
A Great Intro to Fitness for Staff

: Studies show that regular
employee fitness participation reduces
absenteeism, increases productivity,
improves morale and retention.

A 10-year follow-up study calculated a
return of $6.85 for every dollar
Where: Virtual
How Long:  45 min.
Focus on: Strength, Flexibility &
Guests: $5.00 ($50 minimum)
Coach Doreen to book your party